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Building the Caligari Bass

Liam has been extraordinarily lucky that Jack Read believes that it is important to keep in touch with customers who are overseas. Jack is halfway around the world, in the United States of America, but he sends over a new set of progress pictures each week. You can follow the process of building the Caligari Bass on these pages, watching with Liam as it takes shape.

Note that many of these pages are quite graphic intensive and may take some time to download.

Big News! The Caligari Bass is complete!
(The remainder of the building pages will be added over time. Edit: Not only has it been years since I last updated these pages, a hard drive crash has removed all of the pictures Jack had sent me, as well as the notes I had on the process; it seems unlikely I will ever finish this photo story.)

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The Caligari Bass specifications


Raw Top Wood (Morado)
All the Raw Wood
The Mockup
The Rough Neck
Fingerboard Attached
Shaping the Head

The Photo Shoot

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