L i a m   R o u t t

B u i l d i n g    t h e
C a l i g a r i    B a s s

Shaping the Head

Marking the head profile Before cutting the headstock from the neck wood, the profile is carefully marked. Jack strengthens the angled headstock with an attractive volute. This makes up for the additional stress placed on that part of the neck. It also looks cool, and helps to give the instrument a handcrafted look.

Tracing the headstock The blow up of the illustration of the design for the bass is used again. This time it helps to mark the exact shape of the headstock. As the fingerboard has already been attached, the headstock will be carved to exactly fit with the neck, rather than attempting to place the fingerboard on the shaped neck. Note that there is plenty of extra neck to work with - headstocks come in a variety of sizes and shapes!

All photos copyright ©1999 Jack Read.

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