L i a m   R o u t t

B u i l d i n g    t h e
C a l i g a r i    B a s s

All the Raw Wood

A selection of woods Here is the array of wood that will be required for the Caligari Bass. From the top to the bottom we see Purple-Heart and two planks of hard Maple (all for the neck), the dark Walnut (for the back), and the already bookmatched Morado and Pau Ferro fingerboard. The fingerboard has been radiused (curved) and the slots have been put in for the frets. Jack was concerned that perhaps the contrast between the fingerboard and top wood would too great, but it was decided that the effect is quite attractive.

The woods, some cut down Here we see the same woods after some work has been done on them. The Walnut has been planed smooth, and it and the fingerboard have had some oil put on them to show the grains a bit better. The woods for the neck have been cut into the pieces that will make up the seven-piece laminate. The differences in the colours of these two photos are the result of lighting and technology.

All photos copyright ©1999 Jack Read.

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