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Fingerboard Attached

Neck with fingerboard Here we see the neck with the fingerboard attached. Hidden beneath it is the installed truss rod, but you may just be able to make out the access channel where the fingerboard meets the angled cut for the headstock. It is clearer in the picture below. At the other end of its extent, in the middle of the neck, the truss rod is held in place by the force of its own compression; it is a simple little system, really, but it allows a significant amount of adjustment to be made.

Uncut angled headstock It is a lot easier to cut the angle for the front of the headstock before the fingerboard is in place, but most of the other shaping of the neck is done once it has been attached, so that the neck is made as a whole unit. Here you can see the angle that the headstock will be made at, and the truss rod access channel (despite the dazzle of the flash). Note that the neck blank is considerably wider than the fingerboard. The excess width will be needed for the headstock, in particular.
   Also, this may be one of the few pictures of Jack Read you ever see - that's his hand there!

All photos copyright ©1999 Jack Read.

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