L i a m   R o u t t

C a l i g a r i
B a s s


Builder: Jack Read Custom Instruments
Design by Jack Read (with Judy Routt)

  • 34" scale 4-string fretted bass
  • Dark Walnut body
  • Bookmatched Morado top
  • Neck-through construction
  • 7-piece laminated Maple/Purple-Heart neck
  • Dual-action truss rod
  • Angled and reinforced headstock
  • Pau Ferro fingerboard
  • 24 frets plus zero fret
  • Two Lane Poor soapbar pickups
  • Bartolini NTBT preamp with active/passive switch
  • Pop-up quick change battery compartment
  • Electronics cavity and cover fully shielded with copper foil
  • Protective oil blend finish
  • Black Gotoh mini tuners
  • Black Schaller bridge
  • Side-mounted Switchcraft output jack (not shown)
  • Straplocks

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