L i a m   R o u t t

B u i l d i n g    t h e
C a l i g a r i    B a s s

The Rough Neck

Squared neck and truss rod Shown here is the assembled laminated and squared off neck blank. The blank is larger in all dimensions than the finished neck will be, allowing the entire shape to carved from the single piece. Next to the neck is the truss rod which will be inserted into a channel carved in the top of the neck directly beneath where the fingerboard will be mounted.

Neck end close-up The three pieces of Purple Heart have been layered between the Maple, glued, and pressed solidly together to create the blank from which the neck will be shaped. Jack carves his necks completely from the blank, including the angled headstock. Another common method is to use a shallower blank, carve a flat neck, and then cut off the headstock and reaffix it at the desired angle.

All photos copyright ©1999 Jack Read.

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