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C a l i g a r i    B a s s

Raw Top Wood (Morado)

Unstained Morado This is the piece of Morado that Jack selected for the front (commonly called the top) of the Caligari Bass. He bought it as a single slab, but here it is shown bookmatched. To bookmatch a slab, he cuts it in half along its smallest dimension, and puts the two pieces side by side, so that the grain is roughly mirrored around the center line. If you look closely you can see the line down the center of the piece, and you can perhaps imagine how the two pieces would have looked stacked on top of one another.

Stained Morado Once he has rubbed some oil into it, you can see why Jack is so proud of this piece of wood - the grain is wonderful and rich. It is clear, even from this early stage, that the finished bass will look beautiful.

Close-up of stained Morado This close-up shows the glorious grain of the top wood in all of its glory. The oil has really brought out the contrast in the grain, and given the wood the reddish-orange cast that we commonly associate with Morado.

All photos copyright ©1999 Jack Read.

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