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!!    Rumours abound that some of the ex-Trio members are forming a new group. Word is that the new band is likely to be centered around a guitar-playing Judy, who will perhaps share the vocal splotlight with bass player and husband Liam. Craig Morton, who had just joinned the Trio before it split, is touted as a likely guitarist for the new group. No name has yet been suggested, and those involoved will not confirm the rumours.

!!    The Power Trio has officially disbanded. There are no hostilities - it is just the right time for the band to acknowledge that their goals are not all the same. This web site will remain in existence, and this info page will continue to provide information about some local musicians.

!!    Following their triumphant return to Melbourne venues, local popsters Mack have decided to call it quits. As there was only a single performance (the Thumpin' Tum, in May 1998) of the band in its last incarnation, those who were present were treated to a special and unique experience, witnessing Mark's debut as a lead singer!

Jim MacDonald and Ben Chessell have had a falling out and have not been seen performing together for a while. Ben has been playing violin with Celtic bands around town.

Hoopiron have split up. Rumour has it that the members had different goals, and are setting off to pursue them. Details will be provided for the related projects as they become known.

The Power Trio and Doomfingers ripped up the Empress Hotel on July 9th 1996, despite numerous minor disasters, including faulty leads and a serious case of the flu. A good crowd of people were present to witness the Trio's return to the Empress, Doomfingers' last gig, and Cam's departure from the Melbourne music scene. Rowdy cheers were made, and train-ticket money raised! Mark is still recovering. Matt and Ryan vow to return to the stage. And still Cam went to Queensland.

Acetylene is the new name for the band that once was known as Anodyne. Catch up with them in venues around Melbourne!

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