The Power Trio

The Band

The Power Trio is a great bright-pop / dark-rock band. They play music of a variety of styles, from rock to alternative, but you'd be hard pressed to put a label on them. The band plays a large number of covers, but most of them are obscure - you won't have heard most of this stuff regularly.

The Power Trio does not play regular live gigs, although they have been playing around town every now and then. They are not seeking pop music acclaim, and are equally happy to rehearse by themselves, play private parties, or front up on stage in a pub. There are no Power Trio recordings available to the public, and its pretty unlikely you will hear them on the radio; the only way to hear them is to turn up to a gig.

The Trio plays for fun. It is their hope that those who listen have as much fun as they do.

The core members of The Power Trio are:

The Duckmaster
Liam Routt
Mark Morrison
Judy Routt

Special guests have included:

Cameron Q Brown - Guitar, Vocals, Drums
Some people were probably fooled into believing that Cam was part of the Trio for a while, as he performed with the group at all their gigs in late 1996 - early 1997. Cam played guitar and sang (most notably two of his very own songs) with the band publicly, and even took a turn at the drums for a rehearsal. We'd have him back in a flash at any one of these positions. Cam also can be seen playing drums with Doomfingers, and singing and playing his own music with Hive Mind.

Andy Symons - Guitar, Vocals
A few years back Andy flirted with the Trio, rehearsing with them and even taking the stage for a gig. Eventually he ran off with Mark to form the core of a band dedicated to playing their own brand of pop & grunge, mack. We still hang out with him, and he still requests High at every gig.

Matt BJ - Harmonica, Guitar
Matt is best known as the mad-cap guitarist and vocal dynamo that pushes Doomfingers over the edge at every one of their gigs. But a few people are aware that he appeared with the Trio playing a stinging blues-fusion harmonica one night in 1996. Those who were there wait only for the night when it happens again.

Kyle McKenzie - Vocals
The front-man for mack has a van, and has used it to help the Trio get their gear to gigs on several occasions. But that's not the only reason they love him like a brother! Kyle has been up there on stage with the band as both a lead and a backing vocalist at one time or another, and rumour has it that he plays guitar as well!

Craig Duturbure - Guitar
The story is told that one day Craig picked up a guitar and began to play. While none of us can be sure if that is quite the truth, Craig has demonstrated that he is able to play the instrument on-stage, rockin' out with the Trio to Brontosaurus as though he was born to it! Craig has also featured with Doomfingers, on In a Mocking Tone, although not as an instrumentalist.

Richard Watts - Vocals
The Power Trio's association with Richard goes back a long way. There was a time when he sang with John's Room, and he has, on occasion, been lured out to do a number or two with this band. By and large he is kept busy as a DJ and spoken word performer, however, and its been a while since he's been seen on stage with the group.

The Torps - Wild Things!
The Power Trio is pleased to have performed live with one of the great bands of the sixties and early seventies, The Torps. To date the two bands have only apeared once together, but the Trio consider themselves to be always on call when their mentors require their services.

Ben Chessell - Violin
Ben plays up a storm with a number of groups around town in styles ranging from Celtic to rock. The Trio has been lucky to spend some rehearsal time with the virtuoso, and might appear with him in performance at any time!

Kit - Drums
It is a little known fact that the Duckmaster left Australia for part of 1996. In a desperate attempt to pretend that nothing was wrong, Kit was called in as a Duckmaster-look-alike for a session. In the end it was decided that while her beat had everyone moving, her beak just wouldn't fool the fans. The Duckmaster was eventually lured back to Australian shores, but some are still prone to wonder "what if..."

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