The Power Trio

Material Guide

This is a list of all of the songs The Power Trio has played more than a couple of times. We still play most of them.

Listed with each song is either a list of those who wrote the music and words (in the case of originals), or a reference to the band or performer who played the version we most favour.


Being With You (we could) (M. Morrison)
Creep Street (L. Routt & the Duckmaster)
Green Tram (M. Morrison)
Kite (M. Morrison & J. Coleman)
Girlfriend (M. Morrison)
Go Pai Chan! (M. Morrison)
Night (kiss her again) (M. Morrison & A. Symons)
Old Man (M. Morrison)
Punks in the Garden(L.Routt, M. de Veneti & C. Brown)
Rain (M. Morrison)
Remember (M. Morrison)
Sometimes Wondered (M. Morrison)
Stolen Life (L. Routt & the Duckmaster)
Surgery (M. Morrison)
Waiting (M. Morrison)
We Should Be Together (M. Morrison)

From Space (C. Brown)
I Got Out (M. Holsworth)
Jackie Says (M. Holsworth)
S.E.T.I (C. Brown)


Brontosaurus (the Move)
Burning Down the House (Talking Heads)
Bye Bye Baby (the Ramones)
Cynical Girl (Marshall Crenshaw)
Extra Ordinary (Ultra Vivid Scene)
Face of Fashion (Marshall Crenshaw)
Face of Fu Manchu (Desmond Decker)
Femme Fatale (Velvet Underground)
Flying Jelly Attack (Shonen Knife)
Girl in a Box (the Blake Babies)
Gold n Silva (...)
Happy Birthday (Concrete Blonde)
Heartbreak Hotel (John Cale)
High (Choo Choo Train)
Israelites (Desmond Decker)
Last Song (the Scratch Band)
Looking for the Magic (Dwight Twilley)
Luka (Suzanne Vega, the Lemonheads)
Lying in State (the Verlaines)
Mallo Cup (the Lemonheads)
Mercy Seat (Ultra Vivid Scene)
Model Beruit Recital (John Cale)
One Day (Died Pretty)
Passenger (Iggy Pop)
Riot in Cell Block #9 (...)
Rock n Roll (Velvet Underground)
Season of the Witch (Donovan)
Shivers (not Nick Cave)
Sweet Jane (Velvet Underground)
Through the Night (?The Fleshtones?)
Tommorrow Wendy (Andy Prierboy)
Wild Thing (the Trogs)

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