Liam - Bass, Backing Vocals

Washburn XB-400 Bass (brown stain) strung with GHS Bass Boomers
Ampeg SVT III Pro head and Peavey 410TX cabinet
Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI
Sennheiser ProfiPower MD431 microphone

The Power

When the Trio started, Liam was the lead singer, but he passed the microphone to Judy when she joined the line-up. He still features on some tracks (Jackie Says), but prefers to work in the background (Extra Ordinary), or in close harmony with Judy (Face of Fashion, Cynical Girl). Liam's funky bass riffs have brought new life to several songs, including Waiting and Sweet Jane. The Trio play a few of his compositions (Creep Street, and Punks in the Garden).
Ampeg Peavey

Liam chooses to have his equipment serviced at The Bass Player, South Melbourne

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