Mark - Guitar, Backing Vocals

Korean Fender Squier Telecaster (black) strung with D'Addario strings
Fender Twin 210 combo amp
Boss effects pedals: BF-2 Flanger, HM-2 Heavy Metal, DS-1 Distortion, SD-1 Super Overdrive, PSM-5 Power Supply

The Power

Normally a mild-mannered fellow, when Mark picks up the demon-guitar, he is an unstoppable barrage of raw driving music. His vision has given us almost all of the originals we play, and a large proportion of the Trio's most-requested material: from the perfect pop of We Should Be Together and Go Pai Chan, through the power-grunge of Surgery, the strong messages in Down They Go, Old Man and Green Tram, all the way to the moody strains of Rain.

Mark chooses to have his equipment serviced at Music Boutique, Balwyn

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