LiamLiam is the best person I have ever met.

I guess that probably has a lot to do with why I married him in February 1994.

A talented programmer with a logical mind and a flair for design and problem solving, a creditable writer and editor of roleplaying scenarios, an inventive and impressive designer of suprising roleplaying personas, a dab hand at page layout and design, a powerful bass guitar player with a head full of new and noteworthy driving riffs, a calm and level-headed diplomat in all but the worst of situations, a fine (but out-of-practice) tenor, a dedicated student of life, eager to learn - and teach - more... these things describe some of his facets, but are far from the full picture.

He's talented, intelligent, quick to learn and thoughtful, and, basically, he's all mine!

At present Liam is Director of Darcsyde Productions, publishing supplements for Chaosium's Stormbringer roleplaying game line. Corum, written by Geoff Gillan, was released in June 2001. Hawkmoon, written by Lawrence Whittaker, should be released once distribution is sorted. The rest of his time he spends at Melbourne Uni working with his friend Cam as a research programmer building a deductive database known as Aditi. His specialty in the field of computers is constraint logic programming.

What Liam Might Be Doing Right Now

  • doing Darcsyde stuff
  • scheming where next to deploy James Ernest's Cheap Ass games to ambush innocent roleplayers with five minutes to spare
  • playing Gity of Heroes
  • cycling, with me
  • playing with Orson or Miranda
  • sleeping (dreaming about his bass guitar)
  • oh yeah - at Melbourne Uni, doing work-type things
Visit Liam's webpage.