OrsonOrson is my son. He takes a lot of time and effort on my part, and in particular on the part of his grandfather - "Grumphy" or Bill - as well. But - and I think I speak for our whole household - he's completely worth it!

He's such an active and cheerful lad, constantly on the move. He loves music, his tools, his take-apart red car and trips out to parks. He loves Daddy and Oma and Grumphy to bits, flashing them his winning smile, and currently Mommy is his favorite person. He is very interested in his little sister Miranda and is slowly learning she isn't a rival but an additional person to love. He loves being the center of attention and he loves to hug, to help out and to be told what a wonderful boy he is.

What Orson might be doing right now

  • watching Sesame Street
  • running around the kitchen either eating while standing (his little chair abandoned) or play-cooking after emptying the cupboards of pots
  • playing or reading with Grumphy
  • lobbying for a park trip
  • watering the garden and harvesting fruit and vegetables regardless of whether they're really ready for picking
  • out - park, playgroup, shopping or on a car trip

Current best quote: "I have an idea, Mommy, my idea is we go to a park!" (This said most often on the way to run an errand in a totally different direction.)

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