MirandaMiranda is my wonderful daughter. Orson, as our firstborn, used to take 100% of our time, but now somehow we manage to be with them both without having any more hours in the day.

She's a calm and winning girl who loves family above all else (and maybe Orson most of all). She loves her bus full of plastic people, funny noises that Orson makes and spending time in the Baby Bjorn. She loves colourful solid plastic things which fit nicely in the hand or the mouth but has a particular soft spot for things that she thinks of as Orson's (much to his alarm).

What Miranda might be doing right now

  • sleeping in the Bjorn on Grumphy, Daddy or Mommy
  • eating in her high chair grabbing for the spoon
  • playing in the playpen, or watching from the rocker
  • zooming everywhere, without having quite mastered crawling
  • drinking milk - mmmm! milk!
  • buggy-riding, car-tripping or Bjorning it across town
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