SandySandy is my sister, but more importantly my friend. We get to hang out together when she's not doing any one of the many other things she does in her life, or when she's bored and wants to be mauled by dogs rather than cats for a change. There's also the whole I'm-an-aunt thing she has going for her now too.

Sandy is a violinist and pianist who plays when she can and otherwise temps. She's always doing shows with orchestras and occasion work with quartets.

Loki is Sandy's very rambunctious cat. We're sure he thinks he lives in a jungle full of wild beasts rather than a suburban apartment by the way he ascends legs like tree trunks and springs and swings on vertical blinds. He also attacks stationary targets, although obviously he'd prefer moving ones. He eats plants - any plants. He has no concern for people but - luckily - his cuteness makes people have concern for him.

Sandy now has three more cats, Bubbi, abandoned by a neighbour, Furbie, who Sandy believes is Bubbi's illegitimate daughter and the new kitten Squeak. These three are much less likely to attack her, but much more likely to eat everything in sight.

What Sandy Might Be Doing Right Now

  • catstemping
  • doing quartet or orchestra work in the evenings and weekends
  • dancing
  • being attacked by Loki
  • feeding Loki and Bubbi and Furbie and Squeak
  • being ignored by Loki; being purred at by Bubbi; having Furbie hide; watching Squeak kitten about
  • sleeping
  • craving chocolate