There's a lot of it about, but not much that's any good.

What we're looking at now

Without a Trace
The Lone Gunmen


Cheerleader vampire slayer versus the Hellmouth.
It's no longer hip and funny, it's big on angst and soap. Also, I saw some of the extras on a friend's DVD set of season one, and discovered Jos really didn't know what he was doing right. I really wish I hadn't found that out.
UPN - Buffy

Vampire with a soul takes on the evils of LA.
Started great, better than Buffy, much to my surprise - Angel was such a sad sack on Buffy. But it's quickly going downhill. Fred is tremendous, but I am so, so sick of soap and Connor.
TV Tome - Angel

FBI agents investigate the paranormal and discover conspiracies galore.
It was really good in the first few seasons, dipped into interminable aliens story arcs in the middle seasons and made a big comeback in the final season or two. Mind you, it never lost its tremedous visual style.
The X-Files official site
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Nikita view image
Girl falsely accused of murder is forced to join a secret government organisation and become an agent / assassin.
Speaking of visual style, this show is a joy to watch. Nikita is finally coming out on DVD - the season one box is now available. I gather there's a soundtrack album out, too - lots of great music in the show so this should be worth having.
USA Network - La Femme Nikita

Jonathan Creek
The guy who is the mastermind behind a stage magician turns his hand to solving crimes.
British. Really nice mysteries and chemistry between the leads. But now Maddie's gone, although I like her replacement, the emphasis is on the soap, not the solving.
Johathan Creek


Homicide: Life on the Street
A superior police show. Better than NYPD Blue. Great cast. Great dialog - eps meander around it. And, often, great music.
TV Tome - Homicide: Life on the Street

Xena, Warrior Princess view image
A ruthless warlord - Xena - changes her stripes and travels the classical world, with companion Gabrielle, doing good.
A great idea - to set the classical world in New Zealand and to have the gods be camp Californians. Worked well with Hercules. Worked great with Xena. Musical episodes were done to great effect way before Buffy's somewhat lame version. Unfortunately the TV station decided to move Xena around so much we stopped watching it.
Amphipolis Village

American Gothic
Centers around a young boy whose father, the sherriff, is the Devil. The boy has the potential to grow up to save or damn everyone. But how can he be kept on the right path when the town is run by his father?
This was really atmospheric and doom-laden. I just heard something about it coming back?? I'm not sure how that would work....
Sci-Fi.Com - American Gothic

VR.5 view image
A telephone technician discovers she can bodily transport herself into a VR environment of her own subconscious creation. A shadowy organisation uses her skills to get inside other people's heads, ostensibly to help them.
A short run, but a good show. I'm always hoping for a second season but I gather the cast is happier apart.
VR.5 - TV tome

Babylon 5
Babylon 5 a space station created to be neutral ground between different spacefaring races. A hotbed for intrigue and the lynchpin of the future of the human race.
After a shaky start, this became a fine, fine series. Bruce Boxleitner, although not the original commander of Bab 5, certainly made the show his own.
Babylon 5

G vs. E view image
A dead journalist is given the chance to redeem himself, fighting to save souls from temptation in the battle of Good vs Evil.
A lot of fun. Occasionally side-splittingly funny.
Sci vs Evil

John Woo's Once a Thief
Our three protagonists work as agents for a shadowy governement organisation. A familiar theme, but a lot less serious. And lots of high-kickin' John Woo directed action.
Nick Lea in Once A Thief

Even Older

Blakes 7
British sf from the late 70s. Rebels versus the evil Federation. No budget. Often good plotting. And news has it that Paul Darrow will be reprising his role as Avon in a movie and a TV miniseries.
Blakes 7 on BBC7
Blakes 7 on Cult TV - and while you're there, check out Quatermass, Edge of Darkness... and Battle of the Planets - woo hoo!
Blakes 7 - A Rebellion Reborn

Doctor Who view image
British sf from the early 60s on. You either understand the appeal or you don't. Most people remember Tom Baker as the Doctor fondly. I think the early stuff and late stuff is more interesting.
BBC - Cult - Dr Who - wow! there is so much stuff here - even Shada (never finished, never shown) completed as an animation.

The Avengers view image
John Steed and companion/s take on the dastardly villians threatening Britain this week. Cool, camp and terribly British. As seems to be universally the case, I like the Emma Peel eps the best - the B&W ones predominantly.
The Avengers Forever

The Prisoner view image
A British secret agent resigns and awakes to find himself in The Village, a remote enclosed community from which he cannot escape. Because he can't say if they're friend or foe, he refuses to reveal the reasons for his resignation, despite all attempts.
The Prisoner - Number Six