Kimba the White Lion

baby kimbaOsamu Tezuka's Jungulu Taitei [King of the Jungle] was created as a manga in the 1950s before it became a color anime series in 1965-66. In Japan, Kimba was Leo, and two series were made - one with the young lion, and another with him fully-grown and with a family. The latter was deemed too dark and "adult" to be brought to the US at that time, and when it finally was, the original names were retained, so "Kimba" really only pertains to the first series.

In the first series, Kimba's father is killed by hunters, and Kimba himself escapes from captivity as a young cub and returns to the wilds of Africa to claim his birthright as king of the jungle (his mother dies shortly thereafter when the boat on which she is prisoner is destroyed in a storm).

After discovering humans can be kind as well as cruel, Kimba is inspired not only to become king of the jungle but to create a jungle civilisation where all animals can co-exist peacefully. Helped by his close friends and advisors in the jungle, Kimba succeeds at both these aims, as well as befriending and learning the language of humans.

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