Varda and Vigo

dogsVarda and Vigo are our German Shepherd dogs and we love them dearly.

Varda is the kind of dog who will leap up onto the kitchen counter and drink all the leftover soup that was cooling on the bench in cartons awaiting freezing and then look completely innocent.

Vigo is the kind of dog who will watch Varda do bad things and then hang-dog around the house feeling guilty.

What the dogs might be doing right now

  • sleeping in Varda's bed (usually Varda, but sometimes Vigo)
  • sharking around the base of Orson's high chair, waiting for crumbs
  • peering mournfully into the back room, hoping to be patted but scared of being patted by the baby
  • eating
  • peering hopefully at the front door, or out the front windows