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Notes for October 2007

I am finally up-to-date with the kids' pictures. It has been a busy year or two, and I'm afraid will only get busier. Orson and Miranda are now two days at Preshil which leaves a little time for the grown-ups to start to catch up on all that's been set aside since the children arrived in the house.

Both children have grown amazingly in the last couple of years. Orson is ready and eager to start in "the Fives" as soon as possible, and Miranda has gone from a baby to an independent, headstrong, gorgeous little girl. Both seem to relish their time together, at home or at school, and they play imaginative games all day long. Right now Orson is General Grievous, having long since left Captain America behind, not to mention Darth Sidious, and Miranda is Nausicaa. Now, how you can play out a story with these two characters is hard to imagine, but it can be done, especially with Mommy being all the other characters, as required.

Orson had his first proper party with other child invitees. Last year we invited our friends' children, but this year it was children he'd picked himself - Miette, Julian Blue Hat and Leon and Amy. It was the most amazing day with continuous rain scuttling our Beckett Park plans. We had the children at our place and they played quietly and co-operatively together in the limited confines of our loungeroom for something like two and a half hours. it was pretty cool. Parents and kids alike seemed to have a good time. Because of the rain, we had to save the piñata for next year.

Next year Orson will be able to read - he is getting there now - but hopefully won't be coming here to discover we have a piñata hidden away for him.

They are quite different children. Orson wants to build things constantly for his imaginary stories - ships, machines, weapons... especially Star Wars things, especially with LEGO. He's a very good negotiator ,and gentle, and he loves his sister but you can't help thinking he'd do just fine solo as well. Miranda on the other hand adores being around people, and is always wanting to play with Orson or have some adult read to her, or play games with her. She seems the homebody, but she is also the bicycle and park enthusiast. Orson wishes to be playing LEGO Star Wars day and night.

Images from Orson's 5th birthday

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