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Welcome to the children's pages. I finally decided it would be best to combine the separate streams as it seemed silly to separate them out from each other when they're always together in real life. This also takes the pressure off Liam who is swamped with work and hasn't updated the Orson pages for well over a year.

Orson is a real mature young man now, at three. He's understanding more and communicating more... and he's even getting there on the ever-tricky *listening*! He's very focused, whether it's on building play, imaginative play or on his DVDs. He's really looking forward to starting preschool at Preshil next year, although he has a couple of things to master before that time. Toilet training is the main one. As he's never been away from the family, it'll doubtless be a learning experience for us all.

Miranda's coming along really well, although she does have a tendency to sit quietly in the background waiting her turn, so you can miss her babbling, communicating and playing when Orson's interacting with everyone in the room. We try to give her some time apart so we can really focus on her, but it's not so easy. She used to stay up in the evenings a bit later than Orson, but mostly nowadays they go to bed around the same time. Luckily, there are four adults in the house a lot of the time, so she does end up getting that much-needed solo time more often than not. And as she grows up a little, she'll be able to do more of what Orson does and not just watch him doing it, as she did today playing in the sandpit and the wading pool with him in the back yard.

Look at some images of the children from September/October 2005.

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