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Images from October 2008

Orson and Miranda pics
Arlington Strings Halloween concert
Orson's had three violin lessons and now he and Liam get to be stars in the big show. In this pic the advanced strings are playing - Orson gets to watch, along with his participating classmates who are at the back.
Orson and Miranda pics
Ghost-boy and ghoul-man
Orson's costume used to be St.John's, and we are impossibly grateful to have had it for this day. Liam's behind him and to the right, wearing my cloak, scaring the kids.
Orson and Miranda pics
Happy Halloween!
This year's pumpkin turned out quite well I think. It was certainly a big hit at Orson's 17-kid party on November 1.
Orson and Miranda pics
Did we forget to photograph the cake FIRST and eat it SECOND?!
Orson and Miranda pics
It was the same recipe as Miranda's birthday cake, and it went fast!
Orson and Miranda pics
Chocolate grin
The Boy liked it!
Orson and Miranda pics
Chocolate dance
The Girl liked it!
Orson and Miranda pics
All sacked out
In the grown-up bed! Humph!
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