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Beasts Hunting for New Blood
New owner Jinks Reagle is known to be looking to improve his new-look Chicago team with a few strategic trades.
    Head coach Ted Kamick has indicated that he is willing to deal with any team which has a good Center available for trade.
    Kamick also intersted that the Beasts are still in the market for "the right running back."
    "We have some talent to trade," says Reagle, "but only for the right people."

Salary Scuffle in Chicago
Chicago Quarterback Jarrett Bray has walked out in the middle of training camp and onto a plane bound for his home in Chicago.
    Sources close to Bray have indicated that the star is unhappy with the contractual arrangements presented to him by the team's new management, and is threatening to take an offer from another team.
    With only a few weeks until the start of the season, the Chicago management does not have a lot of options if they want to keep their game-winning Quarterback, but money is sure to be part of the equation, adding to the already sizable personal investment made by new owner Jinks Reagle.

Chicago Unveils Logo
Pam Parkinson, publicity manager for the Chicago Beasts, today unveiled the new logo for the windy city's football team.
    The new logo displays the head of a nasty-looking dinosaur. Critics of the new management have commented on the use of an extinct creature as a symbol of the team's supposed new-found strength.
    Perhaps most worrying is what the garrish green color might indicate about the uniforms Chicago players will be wearing in a few short weeks.

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