The Chicago Beasts

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1997 Results

Regular Season

Won Lost Tied PF PA Home Away vs Div vs Conf
12 3 1 373 219 6-2-0 6-1-1 7-1-0 11-1-0

Week 1 28-25 at Detroit
Week 216-13at Cleveland
Week 327-0vs Green Bay
Week 414-19vs Pittsburgh
Week 50-13vs Houston
Week 638-23at Minnesota
Week 723-3at Philadelphia
Week 810-9vs Tampa Bay
Week 935-3vs Phoenix
Week 1036-3at New Jersey
Week 1117-17at Calgary (ot)
Week 1238-16vs Anaheim
Week 1324-23vs Minnesota
Week 1426-13at Tampa Bay
Week 1524-30at Green Bay (ot)
Week 1617-9vs Detroit


6th Pass Offense
10th Rushing Offense
8th Sack Protection
8th First Downs
4th Total Score
7th Total Yards

3rd Pass Defense
14th Rush Defense
4th Interceptions
7th Sacks
5th Opponent Score
10th Opponent Yards

2nd Kickoff Returns
8th Punt Returns

1st Fumble Recoveries
2nd Takeaways/Giveaways

Outstanding Achievements

Jarrett Bray, 4th most touchdown passes

Lyndon Jeffereys, 5th most fumbles recovered

Gary Stalcup, 3rd most interceptions (rookie),
      5th most fumbles recovered
      2nd most tackles (rookie)

John Proudfoot, 3rd most sacks
      1st most sacks (rookie)

Earl Evers, 2nd most interceptions (rookie)
      1st most tackles (rookie)

Webster Van Houten, 1st highest average kickoff return

Templeton Jackson, 2nd most points after touchdown


Won Lost Tied PF PA Home Away vs Div vs Conf
4 0 0 91 74 2-0-0 2-0-0 1-0-0 3-0-0

Wild card game 20-15 vs Philadelphia
Divisional playoffs21-19at New Orleans
Conference championship24-16vs San Francisco
League championship26-24at Miami

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