A u r o r a    C e n t r a l

These pages contain images and information relating to Liam Routt's
Unknown Armies game set in the city of Aurora. The city is a fictional
twist on modern-day Chicago, and as such much of this information is
completely fabricated. People's names are purely invented, and
no connection to the real world should be inferred at all.

The information here has been provided for the players of this game.


The journals provide a handy cross reference of the various diaries
which have been written about the ongoing story, including the (occasional)
"official" write-ups, character diaries, and (even more occasional) session
"codas". There is also a basic description of other actions in the
timeline, for reference purposes.

Part One: Shadow Memories

Photo Lineups

The following pages provide images and potential images of the
friends and associates of the major characters in the story.
Players are welcome to look at all the pictures, but realize
that many of the people are unknown to most of the characters.

Photos of the Main Characters

Look at the General Photo Lineup

Look at Campbell's Photo Lineup

Look at Cas' Photo Lineup

Look at Lindsay's Photo Lineup

Look at Renee's Photo Lineup

Look at the Driving Options Lineup

Other Information

The following reference material is provided for
players to look over, if they need it.

House Rules and clarifications

Info on the Southside

Info on Madness (incomplete)